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‘Remember your truest self and unlock your souls potential.’

Individual session

I work with light and shadow. Love is the conduit for healing. I receive Human Beings in their messy humanness and their divine Being. The sessions are multi layered. We work with your souls energy and focus on the themes and integration in your daily human life. 

I am an educated holistic lifetherapist. In our sessions I aim for a balance of the emotional, the physical, the mental and the spiritual aspects of being. I believe true integrated healing takes place when all these parts are touched within us.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following sentences?

You feel ready to take the next step

You want to live a more fulfilling life

You want to attract more abundance, love and joy in your life

You feel like earth is not the only home you have

You want to embody more of your multi-dimensionality

You want to align your body with the light that you are

You want tools to live with your empathic (nervous)system

You want to dissolve trauma and unlock your potential

You want to express your truth and live it

You want to evolve your multidimensional skills in a save environment

You are ready to say YES to yourself and life

You are willing to take responsAbility (when you are able to respond)

You want to reprogram old patterns

You want to upgrade your DNA

You need a loving container to be received with ALL that you are


Sessions are guided by intuition and I always ask what you desire in the moment. If you do not know, I will lead with my guidance.



‘A truth to be told, requires us to be bold. To receive love to begin, a new journey from within.’



1,5 hour  session

Regular pricing      €111

Student pricing      €85

Business pricing    €200


Healing  techniques:

Reconnection to source and unconditional love

Light language coding/reprogramming

DNA and blueprint upgrades

Crystalline/plasma body integration


Healing of the multi-sensory nervoussystem

Soul retrieval

Intuitive voice expression

Intuitive movement – embodiment

Channeling and reading

Multi-dimensional/Galactic coming home/embodiment

Inner child work – shadow integration 


Booking a session:

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