The Netherlands, Almere,



We are.

I am grateful to reconnect

To myself

Through reconnecting to my star families

Earth, her creatures, the elves, the inner

High frequencies as vibrant as the low

Wonderful spectrum of life

I thank you

I welcome you, in my physical

I will hold you, contain you

I will love you and show you

All the marvellous qualities,

I have hidden so long

I can see you now,

Me, you,

I love you, we are wonderful beings

A reflection, a glimpse

is all we need, to see ourselves

and remember

May we be open and clear,

We’ll be able to reflect the light,

upon the other

So they can see themselves

for the wonderful beings that they are

Let’s live our selves, let’s embrace all of us

Share with each other how wonderful we are

Through connection, we are able to reconnect

To embrace all the wisdom, light, knowledge

The loving, healing, creating, manifesting

Energies that we are.

We are.