The Netherlands, Almere,




Hello there,

Letting go of my mask. Old programs, my walls
here I am, naked, uncomfortable
Getting used to, just me
No more defences to push you away
you, the world, I pushed myself away
no more

Here i stand before you, open hearted
strong and solid, my roots supported in the earth
fragile and feathery,  I float on stardust

The wind picks me up, fly with me
like notes on the piano, swirling through the air
I am rhythm now, we together, one composition

Softly making my landing on solid grounds
New notes, I feel. Playing in my legs
I dance through the experiences
how rich, how vibrant, ingenious

New tunes buzzing in my head
Feel like playing, with you
my dear, sweet companions
We share this journey

With love, I am grateful
to stand beside you, in a time
this time of the new,  worlds fading in
We are here now, we remember
In a flow, we seed and we grow