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Healing the chakra’s: The Sacral Chakra

Healing the chakra’s: The Sacral Chakra

A lot of the participants who gain more knowledge about their own chakrasystem ask me how they can heal themselves. As versatile as our bodies are, so are the answers to this question.

This is the third blog in a series of 8.

In this blog I will give some simple tools to help heal your sacral chakra (2st). This is the second chakra that is located between your bellybutton and your genitals in your lower abdomen. This energy point is connected to the element water and this explains why movement is of vital importance to this chakra. When this energy point stagnates, your body speaks to you about stagnated emotions, sensuality or creative source.

Physically this is also the place in your body where women can create new life! But not only physical babies are born from this place in your abdomen. When you let your emotions and sexuality flow in a natural way, this chakra will provide you with a lot of creative source energy from the universe. You will become a powerful master of creation if you allow yourself to feel all the emotions connected to this creation process and let the energy flow freely. Creative source energy feels really sensual, but also very playful and fun!

Pleasure is a key concept for working with your second chakra. Do you allow yourself pleasure and beauty in your life?


Stand on two feet. If you place your hand on your lower abdomen you can feel into your second chakra. Imagine an orange ball of light underneath your hand.  Feel or visualize the juiciness, feel the warmth….the sensuality. Use your breath to let the energy flow. Breathe into this area and imagine the ball of light becoming larger and larger.

Start moving in circles with your hips to open up this area in your body and you are allowed to do this in a sensual way. Enjoy! It helps to think about flirty conversations and sexual experiences. You will definitely feel the energy grow underneath your hand.

Activating the second chakra by placing the hand on this point of your partners’ body (on the belly or lower back) is a good way to start off before having sex. You can rub this is place a little bit to activate the energy.

Sexuality and the creative source

We’re used to think about sexual energy in just one way…it leads to sex or it needs to be controlled.

Doing a lot of energy work, especially with the second chakra, made me change my mind about this completely. There are so many colors of sensual energy and just as much ways to let this energy flow. A really good focus point for this energy is to create with it! We are used to creating new life (babies) with this energy, but it works just as good if you focus this energy in making a new website, building a company or making a home for yourself. What do you want to create?

You can experience this second chakra energy without becoming horny and feeling the need to act out physically. But of course it is also possible to use this energy consciously for sexual pleasure: Connect your sacral energy to your 1st chakra and you will feel that your genitals will be activated. Place your hand on your or your partners’ heart and connect this energy to the heart energy for really nice connected sexual interaction. When you include eye contact and all the other chakras as well, sex can become a connected, enriching and transformative force on all layers of being.


Water is the element connected most to the second chakra. It’s all about fluidity and movement. So make sure to drink water for your inner physical movement, move your body, go swimming, but most of all: let your emotions flow. Allowing your emotions like allowing water to flow through the river. Water will flow where it wants to go, that’s nature. So when you try to block the emotions by putting some rocks in the river, it might stop the flow for a period of time. But the water will build up on the other side, until it’s too much to suppress: The wave will crush the rocks and the river will overflow. It could feel like your drowning within your own emotions.

Play like a child

The second chakra teaches us that life is supposed to be fun and playful! It helps to connect yourself to your inner child and let this child show you the way in how to create an abundant life in an effortless manner. So sing, dance, draw, craft and play. While doing so, allow yourself to follow the movement that comes from inside instead of forcing yourself to create/play in a certain way.


Do I allow myself to feel pleasure in life?

Am I comfortable with my own sexuality?

What emotions am I suppressing?

Do I sell out my creative energy to others?

Am I creating in my life for my own benefit?

Are all types of feelings allowed within myself?

Do I trust my ‘gut’ feelings?


  • I am the creative source
  • I am everything in creation
  • I am movement
  • I am constant change
  • I allow my emotions
  • I am a feeling human being
  • I surrender myself to the natural flow of life
  • I deserve to live an abundant life
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I am allowed to have pleasure in life
  • I am a sexual being
  • I am allowed to enjoy sexual energies