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Healing the chakra’s: The Root chakra

Healing the chakra’s: The Root chakra

A lot of the participants who gain more knowledge about their own chakrasystem ask me how they can heal themselves. As versatile as our bodies are, so are the answers to this question.

This is the second blog in a series of 8.

In this blog I will give some simple tools to help heal your root chakra (1st). This is the chakra that connects us to earth. When the chakra is in balance, we feel safe and  provided by the unlimited treasures the earth has for us. This means that we are well provided in the physical realm: we have enough money or materials to fulfill our needs, we have a nice feeling of home and a healthy body. We feel like we belong here on earth and have no difficulties in feeling Present. The root creates our solid foundation so all energy that comes in will have a place to stay and wont leak out of the crooked walls in our system.Without a solid foundation, we cannot build castles in the sky.

Please share your own experiences and ways of working with the root chakra by using the comments area below.

Have fun!


Get in touch with your body

For Example, Take a…:

  • cold shower (a hot shower can make you float even more;))
  • walk outside
  • massage
  • healthy meal
  • nice cooking session
  • jump or walk on bare feet.
  • Listen to African or native American Drum music, and…Dance!


Making contact with nature

For Example:

  • buy some flowers, plants
  • go to the forest, parc
  • sit next to a tree, make contact
  • pet your animal


Make yourself a home

For example:

  • clean your home
  • make a nest for yourself
  • be aware of all that is in your home/room, make contact.
  • throw stuff out that doesn’t fit you anymore (did you use it the last year?)
  • Energize your home and create boundries (this is your space!)



Make contact with the energy of the root chakra. Breath into it. It is located between your butthole and the genitals. See a clear light going out of this chakra going into the earth, and visualise a clear light going in your body from the earth up.  Make contact with the surrounding area too. Do not forget the bonetail. Choose your color. What color do you need here in this chakra today? Visualize a clear light of this color going into the chakra and filling your whole body in this area with it. When you want to, you can extent this light through all the other chakra’s too. Connect them. They are all interconnected, like we are too.


Affirmations: ‘

  • ‘I AM”
  • “I have the right to exsist, because I do.”
  •  “I am safe”
  •  “I love my body”,
  • “I am connected to earth”
  • “I am healthy”
  • “I have a strong body”
  • “The earth provides for me”.

Try to feel this in all of your system when you say it out loud or write it down. What is easy for you and which affirmations make you feel uncomfortable, emotional or distracted?



  • Is there some-thing/-one/a situation in your life right now that makes you feel unsafe?
  • Am I happy in my relationship with money/home/food/my body?
  • Why is this?
  • How can you make yourself feel better
  • What descisions can and do you have to make right now? Make a practical’ to do’ list:)



 Photography: Nature Blur, by Jo von Nuding







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