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Healing the chakra’s: Introduction

Healing the chakra’s: Introduction

Simple tools to help clear your chakra’s

The chakrasystem is an ancient method to map the human energybody. The chakra’s are the main energypoints in the body that regulate our in- and outgoing energy and together with the meridians, the supply to the different body parts. Each chakra is linked to specific lifethemes and parts of the body like organs and glands. The chakra’s develop from birth, each in a different periods of your childhood, and keep developing during your life. By looking at the health of your different chakra’s, they tell you a lot about the psychology of your life.

Healing the chakra’s

In this series of blogs I will share with you some simple things you can do on a daily basis.

I give workshops on subjects like chakrapsychology,healing and reading.  A lot of the participants who gain more knowledge about their own chakrasystem ask me how they can heal themselves. As versatile as our bodies are, so are the answers to this question. In the workshops we provide some longterm clearing/healing strategies for the chakra’s. The consciousness of the status of your own system is the first step towards healing. I always use the word system, because I lack of a better word to address the whole system: the physical, the energetic, the emotional, the mental, etc..All these parts form one system, they are interconnected and influence one-another.

In this series of blogs I will share with you some simple things you can do yourself on a daily basis. When you feel like one or more of your chakra’s is in need of some support.

Follow your intuition

This is how I personally view the chakrasystem: It is a tool which helps us to gain more awareness of our bodies. We need a framework to explore the ingenious reality that we are. I do not see this theory to be the truth of some kind. It is a way to help us understand more of who we are. Use your own intuition to decide what resonates and what does not. For me personally, the chakrasystem really helped me understand more of who I am and helps to show me in what part of my life I need energy/attention.


Chakras-LocationsThe Seven Chakras

I only discuss the seven most known chakra’s.  But there are way more energypoints to explore…:)

Here is a picture which shows the seven main chakra’s. When you feel energetic or physical discomfort close to this place in your body, it can be convenient to look into the lifethemes connected to this chakra and use the tools I give below.

For the ones who are not familiar with the chakra’s, but interested, I highly recommend Anodea Judiths Wheels of Life : a User’s Guide to the Chakra System or Cyndi Dales books on the chakra’s.

General tools to assist your energysystem and total well being

The main materials that keep us alive and that form our bodies are Water, Oxygen and Carbon.  You can imagine how important it is to get enough of water and oxygen to keep healthy. Your cells need enough healthy nutrients too, they mainly consist out of it! So take care of what you eat.

Water and movement

Energy is movement, is flow, is constant change, is vibration, so………Make sure you are moving!

From the in- and outside. Listen to your body, what movement does it want to make, or maybe a sound. Do some yoga, walking or any other sport. Yoga is based on healing the chakrasystem.  For the movement on the inside: make sure you drink enough water. Our bodies consist of about  65-80% of water, and we use it for almost all our vital body functions.  So drink enough to stay in movement. Other liquids are not the same, alkalined and pure water is best. But use your intuition, for example cranberry juice is good for the lower chakra’s and in particular the second.

Water is the symbol for emotions. Emotions need to move, otherwise you will create an energy blockage. So try to let all emotions flow free in a safe and loving way for yourself and those around you. Drinking water or swimming helps you with this.


Try to breathe into the chakra’s by putting your hand on top of it and imagine your breath is going in and out of the chakra. This brings movement and helps clear the energy.

Another good excercise to do daily is to lower your breathing from head to toes, slowly on intention.  It is not neccecairy to reach your toes the first time you try;) Take your time to inhabit your whole body with your breath.  Use your breathing to tell you how you are doing and where your energy is flowing and where it is not. Is your breath reaching all your chakra’s today? What does this tell you? Do not judge, be gentle with yourself <3


Make sure that what you eat, drink and smoke doesn’t lower the vibration of your body. Make your choices, what feels good? For me this means: fresh, organic veggies,  fruits, nuts, beans. I also eat gluten-, meat- and cowmilkfree. Look into your own diet. Each body needs a different diet. When you change, your diet changes too. There are specific herbs, and foods to assist each chakra.

Balance Rest and Activity

Your body is pretty capable of healing itself.  The body needs to be in a resting state to be able to do this. This does not mean that just going to bed brings you in this state. When you are stressed or tensed, your cells keep in survival mode. So make sure that when you rest, you let go of everything that is bothering you. Meditation and mindfullness can help you with this. Or simply writing down everything that’s on your mind, to leave it there until the next morning.

I hope you enjoyed this blog about the chakra’s. Next blog I will give you some tools to assist the root chakra.

Lot’s of love,


Photography: The Edge by Jo von Nuding, 2014


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